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Great picture. Love the DOF, the captured mood, and the reality it conveys about the country. As a Filipino myself, I'm moved by your photo. Good job.


oozing sadness. quite sad stats.


wow. oh wow. powerful words, powerful photo. I'm speechless.


all of these are so incredibly beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time ... thank you for sharing with such sensitivity ...


this is a very sad image
i've been wanting to go out to the streets to take some shots like this one.. very emotional.. very real.. i guess i'll be wandering around when i'll be taking a leave from work

Patrick Leong

it is indeed sad to see kids running around begging and some stealing to keep them alive. i hope everyone of us contribute and help in reducing poverty.


Wow! It's really hard to see an adult in the background, who seems to be eating well, has clothing, maybe even selling hotdogs on the street, and wants his picture taken(obviously these are just asumption taken from your photo) and a naked toddler so near by where he could just reach out and just throw a shirt over him for cover. Hard to express what I feel in just a few words.

dan [lookcloser]

very moving image. it is so sad to these children. you can tell in their eyes that they have seen more than they should have at their age.

EOS Chaos

Your work speaks volumes. I admire your stance on this issue and your choice to highlight it through your Blog. I really hope it contributes in some way to helping the plight of affected children everywhere. - [Chuks]

Storm Crypt

Yes, this is very real.

For those who are not familiar with the Philippines or haven't been to the Philippines yet -- these things are very common. While Philippine politicians race against each other to control the government(and use extravagantly the poeple's money), a lot of poor Filipinos are in dire straits. And you ain't seen nothing yet.

Nice shot Sidney. Its good that your blog projects the true image of the suffering Filipinos. We may have nice resorts, nice buildings, but your shots shows the situation of millions of Filipinos. This is a cold image of the truth. Keep it up!

Death to politics. Death to politicians.


wow, powerful image


Oh the poor thing! Is there no one to care for this little one without clothing? This is very upsetting.


Strong and moving. The content is absolutely heartbreaking. And
"Beleaguered", is a very gentle way to describe the family support structure.

Kiss My Mike

In my opinion, Poverty has been the number one problem in the Philippines.

From there other problems are related such as crime, sexual abuse, juvenile delinquency etc.

It's a sad truth and it makes me wonder if the problem will ever be solved.


It's a great portrait. I love it!


Touching, sad, heartbreaking. The mad behind this child seems to be mocking you, or the child...and it is disturbing to me.


Very sad statistics. What was the guy in the background doing? Was there a confrontation?

Anna Lyn

It is very sad that the statistics of abuse is very high. I can only say that this is due to a system that doesn't work.

A very sad picture


what a powerful photo, especially that it's in b&w. the number of street children are really growing in the philippines. it's sad...

Chris V.

Another moving shot, Sidney. Is the man behind the child trying to prevent you from taking the picture or merely hawking his wares?


A great picture, some times the best pictures are sad and remind us that there is a lot of people out there that is in need.


A great picture, some times the best pictures are sad and remind us that there is a lot of people out there that is in need.


Your two photographs of children are really formidable! Can you do others of them, so full with love, complicity? I like all your photographs, but these two there, are those which I prefer.
Thank you for your so nice visits.


That news is scary. the photo adds a strong human face to the statistics. Why does the boy walk around without clothes?


another powerful picture accompanied by equally powerful words

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